Interstices  and Reveal.   Making form out of space.  By pouring wet and liquid plaster into holes in the ground made by rat runs, I allowed the material to move, slide and fix itself into the void it finds.  Leaving the material alone to fill the shape and solidify highlights the point of balance between my control and that of the ground.  The physical act of digging these sculptures out of the ground connected my body to nature.

The surface of the resulting sculptures recorded a history of place and environment and earth matter and soil adhered to it.

Presenting them propped on metal 'feet',  allows them to inhabit a space just above the ground, to replicate the invisible space just below it from where they came.


Interstices. Juliet Duckworth.  2020.  plaster, iron.


Interstices. Juliet Duckworth 2020.  Detail.


Interstices. Juliet Duckworth 2020.  Detail.


Interstices. Juliet Duckworth. 2020.  Detail.


Reveal.  Juliet Duckworth.  2020. Silicone rubber and soil.  44 x 30 x 17 cms.



Reveal. Juliet Duckworth. 2020. Detail.


Reveal. Juliet Duckworth 2020.  Detail.