Bound and Found.  Looking at the juxtaposition of the natural and the manmade I made this series of sculptures.   Finding twigs, branches and stumps of wood outside I carried them inside the home environment to embellish them with synthetic, brightly coloured adornments in a playful way to explore themes around man's symbiotic relationship with nature.

Log Pile.Juliet Duckworth 2017.  80 cm x 30 cm wood and scourers.

Totem 1. Juliet Duckworth 2018.  1m x 35 cm.  Twigs, wire, string, thread, plaster, fabric.

Stumped. Juliet Duckworth 2018.  85 cm x 98 cm x 67 cm.  Wood and milliput.

Totem 2.  Juliet Duckworth 2018.  55 cm x 49 cm. Twigs, wire, string, thread, plaster, fabric.

Untitled.  Juliet Duckworth 2017.  40 cm x 15 cm x 35 cm.  Wood and plastic.

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